Bear Lodge at Trappeurs Crossing
Bear Lodge at Trappeurs Crossing Posted 11/09/2009 by Jody Gale

“Outside Edge Marketing was committed to delivering the best website possible for our real estate development. They came up with unique ideas that delivered measurable results. I would definitely recommend OEMG if you need need any marketing help.”

Drunken Onion
Drunken Onion Posted 10/29/2009 by Ben Stroock

Outside Edge Marketing leader, Laura Cusenbary, brings a great combination of creativity, knowledge and energy every time she enters the conversation. Understanding different markets and demographics, both locally and beyond, allows her to field any question or request I make with a tried and true strategy. For each suggested direction Laura is armed with a full arsenal of research and reason, never leaving doubt that the choices I make for my marketing dollar are intelligent and inventive.  I recommend Outside Edge Marketing to any one exploring marketing for their venture whether in the formulative, transformative or expansive stage.

Rivertree Custom Builders
Rivertree Custom Builders Posted 08/10/2009 by Eric Rabesa

Outside Edge Marketing Group and Laura Cusenbary have been a perfect fit for our small general contracting company. We approached Laura to be our marketing advisor, and she has exceeded our expectations. She has expertly managed our brand development, guiding us through the processes of developing a new logo, tagline, and website from the ground up. Thanks to Laura, we are proud of our new image, and ecstatic to see it performing in the workplace.  

Prudential Steamboat Realty
Prudential Steamboat Realty Posted 02/21/2008 by Cindy MacGray

“Laura is an amazing person to work with at Prudential Steamboat Realty. She has the ability to see the Big Picture - visionary - and yet knows how to flesh out the steps to accomplish the Big Picture - manager - in a way that keeps you motivated and chuckling the whole time. Her insights to the advertising/marketing world are uncanny and very dependable. She is wise beyond her years and experience. If you get a chance to visit with her you will quickly appreciate her ability and passions.I highly recommend Laura - she will give you an honest and straight forward answer to your questions and thoughts.”

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