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Where's the Blog?

Posted 02/18/2010 8:35 AM by admin

Consulting on websites is easily one of my favorite tasks in a day. The opportunity to organize fresh content into engaging design is fun. A recent project included setting up a blog for a real estate broker in Steamboat Springs. After two days of posting I received the following message:

"I've established a blog site, I've blogged, but how can I find it? I've looked in Google and Yahoo and it doesn't appear. How do I make it visible?"

I thought this was a great email. The client is doing the math, that perhaps showing up in the billion searches does not happen overnight with minimal effort.  Here are 4 tips that will help you get your blog to appear in search engines:

  1. Link it up: If you post on your blog be sure to tell your friends, peers, clients and colleagues about it.  Post a link on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and all of your industry networks.
  2. Keywords: If you are writing about building homes on your blog, make sure you are adding the key search terms that your client demographic would use when searching for you.  There are tons of services out there like Google Ad Words, WordTracker and more that can help assess what phrases people use when searching for you.  Or better yet ask a professional SEO strategist to provide you with a list of terms and phrases based on some in depth research.
  3. Get tips from the professionals:  Sites like, problogger and others can provide great tips on what to say, how to say it and when.  There is no shortage of blogging advice online so try and pick up a tip a week.  
  4. Content is King: And most importantly, be consistent with your blogging.  Go into your blog with the clear understanding that you will need to be consistent.  Set some goals if you need to, but make sure you are updating your site with good content.  In an ideal world your content will get the highest praise and become forward friendly so readers pass along your link (or share it) with their network.  And once you are a blog master they will sign up to receive it on their RSS feed...and at that point you have successfully created your blog.

Remember, that blogging is a casual forum to provide industry insights.  It does not need to be a term paper of perfect grammar and vocabulary.  So, don't be shy and start sharing your news, tip and other info.

If you continue to have questions about how to successfully increase your blog traffic don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

Happy blogging.

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