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Welcome to a clean slate

Posted 01/22/2010 12:54 AM by Laura

The holidays have come and gone, and hopefully you have packed away the countless number of decorations, houseguests, leftovers and eggnog, and entered one of my favorite times of year - the clean slate.  The start of a new year offers the incredible opportunity to set goals, analyze budgets and sort out the strengths and weaknesses of one's day to day operations. 

Outside Edge Marketing started the new year with a new website.  An opportunity to provide clients with a full portfolio of our services, as well as an educational forum to discuss what is and is not working in the marketing world.  The informal editors of this blog will vary from week to week with public relations specialists, tech tips and other industry insights. We genuinely look forward to your feedback.

Additionally, we kicked off 2010 with a presentation on Social Networking that was triggered by a client asking me how much it costs to be on Twitter.  Today, I am happy to report there is one less person running around claiming that Twitter is a fad and jam-packed with stalkers.  The way we communicate is changing and the ability to embrace that fact constitutes a giant competitive advantage. 

Have you set your goals for 2010?  If you are looking for some assistance in reviewing your plan for the New Year don't hesitate to call or email.  We look forward to raising the bar of our service and stepping into new marketing territories that differentiate our clients from their competitors? 


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