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Where's the Blog?

Posted 02/18/2010 8:35 AM by admin

Consulting on websites is easily one of my favorite tasks in a day. The opportunity to organize fresh content into engaging design is fun. A recent project included setting up a blog for a real estate broker in Steamboat Springs. After two days of posting I received the following message: "I've established a blog site, I've blogged, but how can I find it? I've looked in Google and Yahoo and it doesn't appear. How do I make it visible?" I thought this was a great email. The client is doing the math, that... Read more

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Welcome to a clean slate

Posted 01/22/2010 12:54 AM by Laura

The holidays have come and gone, and hopefully you have packed away the countless number of decorations, houseguests, leftovers and eggnog, and entered one of my favorite times of year - the clean slate. The start of a new year offers the incredible opportunity to set goals, analyze budgets and sort out the strengths and weaknesses of one's day to day operations. Outside Edge Marketing started the new year with a new website. An opportunity to provide clients with a full portfolio of our services, as well... Read more

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